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Field (Outdoor)

Tryouts tonight cancelled due to expected severe weather

Our tryouts scheduled for tonight (Tuesday May 3) have been cancelled due to the forecasted severe weather hitting tonight between 6pm and 9pm.  Your coaches will reach out to you with information about your next field time.

TENTATIVE OWFL 2022 schedule (please note this is subject to change?

TENTATIVE OWFL 2022 schedule (please note this is subject to change)

2022 Coaches announced

As the weather starts to warm up and the snow on the fields melts, we are getting excited about the upcoming Girl's Field Lacrosse season.

The applications have been reviewed and KWMLA is happy to announce the following people as head coaches for 2022 Houseleague programs.

Little Laxers -Justiene Cameron

U9 -Emma Uhrig and Leanne Uhrig

Director of Houseleague -Jessica Lubert

Coaches for our top rep teams are as follows.  Please note that coaches for additional rep teams in each age group will be announced once the first team players have been selected. 

U11 -Emma Lunnie

U13 -Tamara Grant

U15 -Craig Haller

U19 -Ken Lubert



Little Laxers

"This was an amazing experience for my daughter, she will definitely be playing again next year!!"

"Possibly the most well-run program I have encountered (incl. hockey, soccer, you name it). Exceptional experience. Fun, engaging... you have created something truly unique and special."

"We loved lacrosse. It was very well organized and the coaches did an amazing job keeping the kids engaged."

U9 Pixie Sticks

"Great first experience!"

"Looking forward to next year!"

"Absolutely fantastic. I can't express enough how well run and structured the program is. We just wished it lasted longer! I honestly can't think of anything I would change. I guess other than extending the season! Really looking forward to my daughter being part of the upcoming tournament in KW."

"My daughter really enjoyed it."


"I'm so grateful to everyone involved with this program. To make it possible for my daughter to start her first season even though she didn't make it to the rep team. The skills they were taught were outstanding. It was so great to see the girls come so far."

"Hanna did an amazing job with the girls. She tried very hard to ensure she worked with each girl and encouraged them. Hanna's assistants did an amazing job with the girls. My daughter enjoyed the program - she joined it to see how interested she is in playing lacrosse. I would like to thank Hanna and her team for great season!!!!"

"This is the first team sport my daughter has been interested in and she has truly enjoyed it. From the perspective of a parent who has other kids in other organized team sports (non-lacrosse), I was SO impressed with how well run the program was. The communication was timely and fulsome. Thank you!"

"Hannah is an amazing coach! She brings out the best in all her students, and challenges them at a level appropriate to each learner. She challenges kids, but makes the learning enjoyable and makes every child feel good about themselves."


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Stuff people say about our Back to Basics Program

My husband and I just wanted to send a note to say a huge THANK YOU to you, Coach Craig and Coach Maryn for the amazing job you did leading the U11 Back to Basics program in March that our daughter attended.

Our daughter LOVED every aspect of the program--from the technique refreshers, to the drills, the 1:1 support, guidance, and encouragement, and of course the highlight was probably the competitive yet very fun obstacle course at the end of the last session :).

We saw consistent improvement in our daughter's skills as well as her confidence from week to week and that meant a lot to all of us, especially since she had the privilege of practicing with girls who are older than she is.  Your team runs a fantastic program and we truly appreciate all of the effort that goes into the planning and execution--especially in a year like this, where Covid has thrown so many extra obstacles your way. 

We are looking forward to the next round of Back to Basics sessions, as well as the outdoor program this Spring/Summer!

Thanks again to you and your team for instilling a love for lacrosse in our daughter!

A great time was had by all at our first annual mother/daughter game

Participants in the first annual Mother/Daughter game

KW well represented on Team Ontario U15. From left to right: Jessica Lubert (coach), Avery Morton, Rylan Weatherdon, Jayde Summers, Harper Weatherdon, Maryn Broderick, Megan Shepley, Ken Lubert (coach), Andrea Broderick (coach).


Little Laxer and U9 Recreational programs run from 5:30pm-6:30pm on Thursdays.  The U9 Competitive program will run on Tuesdays as well as Thursdays also from 5:30pm-6:30pm.  All players will receive a T-shirt and players new to the program will  receive a stick and eye protection.  U9 Competitive players will also receive a pinnie.

Junior HL and Intermediate HL sessions will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30pm-6:30pm.  All players will receive a KW Girls Field Lacrosse T-shirt.  Players new to the program will also receive a pinnie to wear to practices and games.  Returning players are reminded to bring their pinnies from last season with them.

Other than that all you will need is a stick, a mouthguard and a willingness to have a GREAT TIME!



Players who are 19 years old or over who still want to enjoy the game as a supplement or a less competitive alternative to the OWFL Senior League,

Moms who watch their daughters having fun on the field and have always wanted to give the game a try,

Older sisters who regret that they never had the opportunity to play when they were younger,

Any lady who wants to play!

Sessions will be instructive and include drills for all levels of player.  

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! but skilled players are welcome as well.

To sign up, go to the registration page and create and add yourself to your family account.

Click on "Ladies Pickup- Houseleague", pay the registration fee of $115 and you're good to go.