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Coaches Corner

The coaching application process typically is as follows:


1. Applicants complete the Google Form 

2. The VP of the program contacts applicants and an interview will be setup.

3. Applicants are all interviewed by a panel of 3 

4. VP of program brings names forward to the KWMLA board for approval

5. Once approved by the KWMLA board, VP will contact the newly appointed coach to let them know awarded position.  


OLA Coaching Clinics

The online registration portal for OLA Coaching Clinics is now open featuring thirty-five (35) coaching clinics across the province. Please advise your coaches and/or coaching candidates of this opportunity ASAP. We look forward to another year working with coaches and clubs to ensure the proper certification requirements for all volunteers.


This page incudes important coaching and trainer certification details you may find helpful to our 2024 registration season. On this page:

  1. Coaching Clinic Registration Access Link & Instructions

  2. OLA Coaching Certification Requirements

  3. Making Ethical Decisions (MED Training)

  4. OLA Trainer Certification Standards

  5. How to Get an NCCP Number

  6. Criminal Record Checks (CRC) & Offense Declaration Forms (ODF)

  7. Rulebooks



Similar to previous seasons, new and/or returning coaches log into the registration portal using the link below. This registration link will also appear on the OLA website.


The registration link to circulate to all coaches is:


Within the portal, coaches would select the blue NEW REGISTRATION+ button to reach the two tabs listing all coaching clinics by discipline:

  • 2024 Box Season

  • 2024 Field Season


Coaches can then select and register in the clinic(s) of their choice.



The OLA promotes and mandates NCCP requirements for coaches in Ontario. The purpose of NCCP certification is to ensure safe and quality athlete experiences in sport.  All coaches must be properly registered as OLA members in the OLA/SportzSoft registration system in the current season.


Find attached two documents which outline the coaching requirements for each division of box, field and women’s field lacrosse. These one-page documents, the OLA Coaching Requirements and OLA Coaching Pathway, clearly indicate the required certifications to be eligible to coach in the OLA, and should be circulated to all club coaches. IMPORTANT NOTE: to avoid coaches registering in the wrong clinic, and Associations paying for volunteer coaching certification that is invalid, both documents contain an outline of coaching requirements in the sequential order in which they must be attained. Please ensure your coaches have this information so they can register in the proper certification clinic.


Beginning in 2023, course workbooks for coaching certification programs (completed by OLA members) will be marked by the OLA in Toronto (vs the previous protocol of being submitted, hardcopy or online, to Lacrosse Canada in Ottawa for marking). We hope this will help streamline the entire certification process.  



For the 2023 season, the Making Ethical Decisions (MED) module is required for all coaches in national championships (Team Ontario and OLA Club champions competing in national finals). For all other coaches, MED is highly recommended. MED course fees are $75.00 and delivered online, in-class and home study. Should your coaches be interested, there are several up-coming MED courses with discounted fees:


Wed, January 10, 2024 - Online $75

Tue, January 16, 2024 - Online $75

Thu, January 18, 2024 -  Online $75


For a complete listing of MED course offerings, check here.



After an exhaustive review of prior standards and training providers for OLA trainer certification, the OLA has expanded the list of approved vendors in four categories (8 hours+):

  • Standard First Aid

  • Standard First Aid & CPR

  • Emergency First Aid

  • Emergency First Aid & CPR


The OLA Recognized Trainer’s Certification List contains a listing of all approved vendors/training organizations eligible to deliver certification which meets/exceeds the above standards. All trainers are required to provide proof of valid certification training to Club Registrars. Note: all above certification standards have expiry dates included on the proof of certification card/document. As in coaching above, all trainers must be properly registered as OLA members in the OLA/SportzSoft registration system in the current season. 



New coaches and trainers will need an NCCP number to track sport education and training through an online database called The Locker. Coaches and trainers can obtain an NCCP number by following the instructions on the Coaches Association of Ontario website here.   



All bench personnel require a current CRC or ODF to be eligible to be approved as an OLA member. This screening is conducted by your club Privacy Officer to ensure compliance.


The protocol for criminal record checks/offense declarations in 2023 should provide clubs with a simple process to recruit previous/potential volunteers:

  • For Coaches/Trainers/Managers properly registered and CRC-approved in 2022→ need to complete an Offense Declaration covering the period since last approval

  • For Coaches/Trainers/Managers not registered and/or not CRC-approved in 2022→ new CRC required


The above protocol would also apply to any other club members requiring CRC-approval under the OLA Screening Policy. The OLA partners with Sterling BackCheck to expedite a cost-effective solution for volunteer screening. More here. An Offense Declaration Form is available here.



All coaches, and Club Executive members, can be better informed, to better serve the game, with a knowledge of the rules of lacrosse. With rulebooks for all disciplines now online, there really is no reason for all coaches not to be familiar with the rules. A clear understanding of rules: (1) improves teaching opportunities with players and parents, (2) enhances safety for all players in a game, (3) supports officials during competition, and (4) contributes to improving the overall standard of play in the sport.  


Begin, or continue, your journey on understanding box rulesfield rules and/or women’s field rules to improve our working relationship as partners in the growth of the game.         


Also worth a look is all the great information available online at the OLA website under Coaching.

Are you coaching this year?

This is what is required for coaching this year

     Did you coach with us last year?

               If no, you will require a CRC police report prior to going on the floor.   

               If yes, please fill out the Offense Declaration Form listed below.

Please send either form to

All coaches and trainers are also required to complete the Making Headways at