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Registration Info

Please follow the following steps (all must be completed )

  1.  Please register at Sportzsoft   click here - choose 2021 TRY Lacrosse
  2. Please pick the program below you are interested in and click on the registration link there
  3. Send Payment via etransfer to
  4. Covid 19 Waiver Form

Women's Field Club Training Registration


Hey everyone,

If you were one of the people having trouble registering with Sportzsoft, the OLA has fixed the issue and you should be able to sign up now.  Please do this as it is required for insurance.



Please be aware that these times will likely change as Covid protocols and restrictions are modified.  Your coach will contact you soon to let you know your group number.


Time Field 1A Field 1B
6pm-7pm U11-1 U13-1
7pm-8pm U11-2 U13-2
8pm-9pm Ladies Pick-Up Ladies Pick-Up



Time Field 1A Field 1B Time Field 2A Field 2B
6pm-7pm U11-1 U11-2 6pm-7pm U13-3 U13-4
7pm-8pm U11-3 U19-3 7pm-8pm U13-1 U13-2
8pm-9pm U19-1 U19-2 8pm-9pm U15-1




Time Field 1A Field 1B Time Field 2A Field 2B
6pm-7pm Little Laxers 1 Little Laxers 2 6pm-7pm U9-1 U9-2
7pm-8pm U11-3 U19-3 7pm-8pm U13-3 U13-4
8pm-9pm U19-1 U19-2 8pm-9pm U15-1 U15-2



We are incredibly excited to announce that we will be back on the field starting next week.  Sessions start Monday so if you registered, expect to hear from your coach soon!

We are limited by covid protocols in terms of numbers so programs are filling up fast.  If you haven't registered yet, please don't wait as there are limited spots available and after groups hit their maximum numbers players will be placed on a waitlist. 

To register follow the instructions below.

  1.  Please click here to register at Sportzsoft - choose 2021 TRY Lacrosse women's field lacrosse You only need to do this once and you will be covered for all programs.  
  2. Complete the Google form here
  3. Send Payment (see fee schedule below) via etransfer to
  4. Complete the Covid 19 Waiver Form on the day of your first session.


Little Laxers and U9      $125

All other age groups       $250

Ladies Pick Up               $125

Season description and field times are subject to change as the season is very fluid.   All recommendations of Region of Waterloo Public Health will be followed.

Box Lacrosse

Box Lacrosse for Boys and Girls

 Programs Coming!

If you have a $25 credit carried over from your 2020 registration fee with the KWMLA, we will apply this credit to your fees.

U7 (Paperweight)  $75  1 Session per week (30 min)
U9 (Tyke) $150   min 1 session per week
U11 (Novice)


  min  1 session per week
U13 (Peewee)  $150   min 1  session per week
U15 (Bantam) $150  min 1 session per week
U17 (Midget)   $150  min 1 session per week
U22 Girls Only (Intermediate)(Junior) $150  min 1 sessions per week


Box Lacrosse Registration Link Waitlists are in effect

Boys and Girls Box Framework 

  • June 14 to August 12 (approx) 
  • Aim for 1-hour sessions per week at minimum
  • Interlock with other zone associations is a possibility depending upon the numbers
  • No sort outs, players will be assigned to teams based on ability/experience 
  • Number of Players dependant on Provincial Regulations
  • Regular registration covers the cost of the season 
  • No movement of players between teams; any requests for friends to play together will be considered but based upon availability and experience 
  • Scores not to be kept in scrimmages; emphasis on coaches to balance teams when scrimmaging 
  • July 2 to Aug 14 (if possible)
  • Aim for 1-hour sessions per week 
  • Interlock with other associations is the plan.  KWMLA is working with other local associations  if ‘best scenario’ works out, there may not be gameplay outside of the KWMLA  association for all competitive teams – that’s just the way it is, some things are not possible in 2021 

Paperweight Framework 

  • Max players per session, with 3 to 4 coaches depending upon 
  • 45-minute sessions




Monday Nights will be the following programs

U9 Boys (YOB 2014/2013) 6-7 pm

U9 Boys (YOB 2014/2013) 7-8 pm

Overflow   8 - 9 pm 

U22 Girls (YOB 2000/ 2004) 9- 10 pm

Location is Maryhill (58 St. Charles ST East Maryhill)


Tuesday Nights will be the following programs

U13 Boys(YOB 2010/2009) 6-7 pm

U13 Boys (YOB 2010/2009) 7-8 pm

U17  Boys(YOB 2006/2005) 8-9pm

U17 Boys(YOB 2006/2005) 9-10pm

Location is Conestogo (26 Evening Star Lane Conestogo)


Wednesday Nights will be the following programs

U13 / U15 Girls (YOB 2007/2010) 6 -7 pm

U15 Girls (YOB 2008/2007) 7 - 8 pm

U17 Girls (YOB 2006/2005) 8 -10 pm

Location is Maryhill (58 St. Charles ST East Maryhill)


Thursday Nights will be the following programs

Paperweight (YOB 2015 and earlier) 5:30 -6:15 pm

Paperweight (YOB 2015 and earlier 6:15 - 7 pm

Location Queensmount Field 1260 Queen's Blvd Kitchener

U11 Boys (YOB 2012/2011) 6-7 pm

U11 Boys (YOB 2012/2011) 7-8 pm

U15 Boys (YOB 2008/2007) 8-9 pm

U15 Boys (YOB 2008/2007) 9-10 pm

Location is Conestogo (26 Evening Star Lane Conestogo)

Boys Rep Lacrosse

Click on picture below

Boys Lacrosse

Boys Rep Lacrosse - Box and Field

House League Box Lacrosse

Click on picture below

House League Box Lacrosse

House League Box Lacrosse

Girls Lacrosse

Click on picture below!

Girls Lacrosse - Box and Field

    Where Do I Play?

    Are you New to Lacrosse?  Are you unsure as to 'Where you would play?'

    Click here and fill out an easy form, you will get an email letting you know which association is your home centre

    Releases and Permission to Run

    Requests for Release  click here for KWMLA policy

    Permission to Run  can be made by email to 

    Kevin Schmitt at



    KWMLA News


    OLA Return to Activity Protocal

    2020 KW Hosted Tournaments

    Tournament links are below 

    Click on the logo to register!

    2020 Lax Angels Click LOGO

    2020 Ruth Dietrich Paperweight Application Click LOGO